Ideas for Car of the Future,
Learning by Inventing.

Imagining the future and creating it!

Cars today can drive themselves. What will they be able to do tomorrow? The Car of the Future Project seeks to develop new technologies that will transform personal transport.

Go Anywhere to Anywhere

Wouldn't that be great? Retractable wings so you could park it in the garage? Don't have a big backyard for a runway? No trouble... maybe some helicopter wings so it can take-off and land vertically! All you would have to do is decide on chicken or vegetables for your meal!

Go-Go-Gadget car

Go go gadget, arms! Can't find that address? Don't know how to get to the restaurant? Want to know where the nearest electric plug-in station is? Can't decide whether to go over the bridge or on the ring road? How is the weather where you are going? Doesn't matter what you want to find out - put Detective car on the case, and all will be revealed!

Discovery Expeditions

Wind speed, barometric pressure, rainfall patterns, elevation, emission control, exhaust particle sensing, temperature, UV Index, biofuel usage, distance to destination, average speed, solar voltage capture rate, soil tester, air sampler, alcohol analyser... ready for the next field trip.

State-of-the-Art Car Technologies

Futuristic Cars in Movies

Mobile/social apps for Cars and Driving

PEV: Persuasive Electric Vehicle
Wooden car
Delorean time machine